Estate & Commercial Litigation

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Helping clients to achieve more in estate and commercial disputes.

Elder Family Law and Estate Litigation – Proactive, clearheaded, protective.

With an aging population, there is an increased need to help spouses or common-law partners, and their adult children, achieve financial certainty for estate planning purposes. Rosen Sack successfully negotiates domestic contracts between spouses and the adult children of an incompetent spouse to avoid unpleasant and unnecessary estate litigation. Rosen Sack has also acted to protect the interests of a spouse and their estate from predatory relationships.

In estate litigation, Rosen Sack acts in advancing and defending claims seeking support under the Succession Law Reform Act (Ontario). This includes support for dependants, married spouses or common-law spouses, as well as surviving spouse claims under the Family Law Act (Ontario).

Rosen Sack brings clearheaded, well-reasoned analysis to help their clients navigate these highly stressful situations.

Commercial Litigation – Strategic, practical solutions.

Rosen Sack brings clients the advantage of experience in a broad spectrum of commercial litigation. We provide commercial business clients with strategic, practical solutions to help them achieve optimal outcomes whether through resolution or litigation. Rosen Sack is adept at handling all forms of disputes including:

  • Oppression remedy cases.
  • Shareholder disputes.
  • Partnership disputes.
  • Commercial cases.


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