Mediation & Arbitration

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Resolution through mediation and arbitration.

Clients commonly seek Rosen Sack’s experience in mediation and arbitration – alternative dispute resolution processes that help couples resolve the issues arising from the breakdown of their marriage or relationship.

Mediation – less adversarial, more timely.

This voluntary process invites a neutral facilitator to address family law issues.

How mediation works.

Mediation is less adversarial and more cost efficient than proceeding to court. It can also be a more private option, keeping details of negotiation confidential and securing personal privacy. Often, mediation timelines are shorter than disputes put before the court.

The process commonly begins with the exchange of financial information and the signing of an agreement between the two parties. Spouses usually participate in mediation with their counsel. A facilitator guides the negotiation, helping both sides creatively resolve the dispute.

Avra Rosen is an accredited mediator with extensive experience as a Family Law lawyer. She provides mediation services to parties to assist in the negotiation of marriage contracts, cohabitation agreements, separation agreements and parenting agreements.

Arbitration – confidentiality for resolutions.

Arbitration is an alternative process to resolve a family law dispute outside of Court.

How arbitration works.

In arbitration, an impartial third party hears evidence before making an arbitral award. This approach is similar to a trial, bit with complete privacy. Spouses who submit to arbitration agree to be bound by the decision of the arbitrator, subject to any rights of appeal they agreed to as part of the arbitration process.

As trial lawyers, Rosen Sack’s team is as experienced in litigating a case in court as it is in participating in arbitration.


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